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A well-designed website can help you form a good impression on your prospective customers and help you get more conversion. More importantly, it creates a positive user experience and makes it simple for your website visitors to access and browse your site.

Professional Website Design | SEO Optimization | Marketing Content

We are a Malaysia-based, one-stop web design company specialising in website design & development. At MindYourWeb, we are very passionate about creating a top quality custom responsive web design. We offer SEO optimisation in our web design services so that potential clients can find them automatically. Marketing content improve the persuasiveness of the website, and make sure the user understands why he should choose your products or services.

Custom Responsive Design

Each website design is completely original, created for Mobile, Tablet & Desktop

Marketing Content

Organise the content of your website and increase its persuasiveness. Customers are aware of the advantage your products or services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO optimization, let prospective customers find you automatically.

After Sales Support and Care

Make sure your website is up-to-date, secure, trustworthy and be more likely to buy.

Work with web specialists

You would never go to your general practitioners for heart surgery, in the same way, you would never get your most important online assets, your website, developed by a generalist marketing, SEO or creative agency.

Over 14 years of professional experience. You are working with experience website designers

We build beautiful & powerful websites for all devices

From company website to online shop and Web/Mobile applications

We take care of your design concept, logo, SEO, hosting and maintenance

We're always here when you need us

Our web design after sales support and care is just as important to us as gaining you as a customer

Handcrafted website
Brand projection
Visualized content.

Transmit the message with simplicity and style.

That’s what we do.

We offer bespoke, clean, and modern WordPress web designs, as well as a dedicated WordPress maintenance service, all of which are designed and developed in-house by our team of web designers and developers. We've devised a method for converting visitors to customers on your website.

High Quality Digital Solutions

Not only beautiful designs, it’s the usability, expandability, flexibility, longevity and creativity that make a great website.

Fast loading website

Fast loading times have been essential factors in UX and SEO for years, and it continues to be a top priority for websites that want to rank well and convert better.

Secured Website

Our websites are protected by anti-spamming, security firewall, HTTPS, secure hosting and more.

4 Reasons Why Good Website Design Matters in Malaysia

Good Web Design Sells

Some of our marketing clients have said things like, "I don't care how pretty my website is as long as I'm receiving leads!"

Misconceptions and even outright lies, on the other hand, are always built on the foundation of truth. The fact is, if you want your company to expand and function at its best, studies show that effective design is really matters. In fact, for many businesses, design is the only thing that sets them apart from their competition.

If you own a business, you must constantly distinguish yourself from the other 20+ local businesses that provide the same service. You frequently submit bids to the same customers. What will make you stand out from your competitors? Price? Professional design puts you ahead of the competition and converts more leads, according to statistics.

First Impressions Are 94% Design Related

It's far easier to get a customer to visit your website than it is to get them to call you. A visit to your site has a reduced entry barrier. Before calling, a potential consumer will look at your website and form a judgement about your compliance. As a result, your website is more vital than ever before.

A well-designed website instils confidence in your company. Poor design has been proved to be connected with fast rejection and mistrust.

These numbers mean 2 things:

  1. Your website is the face & first impression of your company
  2. The design of your website effects customer trust and your credibility.

When visitors dislike some aspect of the design, statistics show that the entire website is rejected, and visitors leave.

A Great Website Motivates People To Take Action

The next key feature of a well-designed website is a clear call-to-action button (CTA). What is the definition of a call-to-action? It's exactly what it sounds like. It's a request, or an invitation, for your visitor to execute a specific action.

They're all over the place. For example, you might hear "Call now!" or "CALL or CLICK TODAY!" while watching TV. Alternatively, you may notice a button or popup that says something like "SIGN UP FOR A FREE EBOOK!" or "GET A FREE 10 DAY TRIAL!" when you visit certain websites. A "call-to-action" is something like this.

Here are a few best practices for creating strong CTA’s that actually generate leads:

  • Make them Action-Oriented
  • Use Persuasive Text
  • Include Strong Visuals
  • Create a Sense of Urgency
  • Make them Easy to Find

Use Data To Determine Good Design

It's important to use data and analytics to figure out which of your pages are performing and which aren't.

Is Google Analytics installed on your website? Are you evaluating and monitoring your data right now? If you don't, you're unlikely to know how much traffic you're getting, what your bounce rate is, or whether your CTAs are working.

What if you discovered that you have 100 visits every week on average, but only 2 of them click your call-to-action and complete your goal?

Data is used in good web design to determine what works and what doesn't. Data can reveal a wealth of information about your visitors. It can tell you which design layouts convert clients the best, which languages convert the best, whether they're visiting from a computer or a mobile device, and even what colours perform best.

See what clients say about our website design services.

Ryan Oon

JM Luxe Enterprise

MindYourWeb is by far the most responsive website developer that i have worked with, and also great listener to your websites needs. It's always a pleasure to work with them and needless to say highly recommend !

Jessica Chai

Freesiakids Education Centre

Although the quoted price was not within our budget, we decided to engage MindYourWeb. We are glad we have made the right choice as they gave awesome design, advice and most important of all, superb service. We highly recommend it to any company who needs such service.

Ujin Lim

Trinity College London National Representative Office

We have been engaging MindYourWeb as our website developer and continued maintenance for several years now. Most efficient response when troubleshooting is required and good grasp of customer requirements with solutions on offer. Would fully recommend MindYourWeb!

High-quality Malaysia web design services
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Our experenced designers not only provide your website a distinctive look and high-level features, but they also plan the most effective strategy to bridge the gap between your business’s goals and your user’s.

Our professional Malaysian web designers carefully designed and customised the structure and layout of the websites before they were developed by our skilled website developers, ensuring that your website is unique and personalised. We use a collaborative design methodology with our customers at every level of the design process to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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